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Making domain registration details private


This mandatory exposure raises concerns about vulnerability to email spam, identity theft, and unsolicited marketing.

Private registration addresses these privacy and security concerns by shielding users from spammers, identity thieves, and other illicit web users who exploit the public WHOIS database. 

Yola's Private Registration Service assures user privacy by masking private information in the WHOIS database. Contact forwarding instructions are available in both gated and public WHOIS systems, ensuring maximum privacy for domain registration details.

Third parties seeking to contact the domain owner with private registration enabled can use the contact information provided by the forwarding service. Yola acts as a filter, forwarding only essential messages and mail while blocking spam and unsolicited correspondence. Third parties can contact the owner of a privately registered domain via, where messages are securely forwarded to the domain owner.

Domains with private registration display altered contact details:



These details conceal personal information, featuring the domain registrar's information in WHOIS search results.

When you buy one of Yola’s hosting plans (Bronze, Silver, or Gold), you get a free .com domain with privacy registration for 1 year. After one year, you pay a domain yearly fee plus an annual privacy registration fee of 9.95 USD. If you enable auto-renewal, the payment will automatically be debited from the card you added to your Yola account. 

Note: You can cancel the auto-renewal for your domain and its privacy registration in the My Yola dashboard

If you want to buy privacy registration for your existing domain bought elsewhere, we can enable this feature for you. It will cost $9.95 per year per domain. You will need to add a credit card as a stored payment method so that we can charge your card. 

Please contact us at  if you’d like to enable domain privacy.

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