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Deleting buttons

There are three ways to remove buttons from a block. 

The first way is the quicker one. Hover over the button and click the Delete icon on its control pane.  


The second way is by removing the text of the button. As soon as you delete its text, the button disappears.

And the third way is a bit longer, but it allows you to remove both primary and secondary buttons at a time. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Hover over the block you want to customize and click the Settings icon on its control pane. 
  2. In the Layout tab, untick the checkmarks near the button you want to remove.

  3. Click Save to apply the changes. 

Note: If you deleted a button accidentally, you can bring it back by ticking its checkbox in the Block settings. Also, you can use the Undo action on the Topbar. 

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