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The color picker

You can use the color picker tool to change the color of your text or to customize the color palette on your site. The color picker has three sections: a color canvas, a color slider, and a color value block.


By clicking a point on the color canvas, you can change the current color shade to the one located under the pointer. 

To choose a completely different color, first, choose the color group in the slider, then choose a shade by moving the pointer in the color canvas (you can either drag it or click the new location).

If you know the HEX color code of your desired color, you can enter it in the third section. 

Tip: A color HEX code is a way of specifying color using hexadecimal values. It is represented as a combination of three values – the amounts of Red, Green, and Blue (RGB). The code starts with a pound sign (#) and is followed by six HEX values, for example, #afd645. You can get color codes here.


When clicking the RGB letters in the color picker, they change to the HSL letters (Hue, Saturation, and Lightness) which is an alternative representation of the RGB color model. You can change the percentage of the value to adjust the color to your preferences. 

Note: The value field populates automatically when you use the color picker to find a color. Copy and paste this code to assign the same color to other custom colors.

To add an HTML color, clear the HEX field and type in the color name (for example, white, blue, yellow, red, view the full list). The color name will automatically transform into a HEX value for this color. 

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