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Looking at your Yola Classic-based site, you may realize that it is outdated, and the platform on which it’s built is bulky, not ideal for mobile, and doesn’t support new features. Your website is still enough to maintain your online business, but it’s not enough to grow it. The UX could’ve been better, and SEO could’ve been improved.

You may have heard that Yola launched a brand new Sitebulder+, a website builder that allows you to quickly create professional-looking sites from both desktop and mobile. Maybe you even thought about trying this new product, but creating a new website takes so long that you get overwhelmed. Also, you don’t know whether you even can reproduce your website with the same features as you don’t know the new platform’s capabilities. 

Busy organizing your business, you might not have time or appropriate knowledge to refresh the site by yourself. And outsourcing someone to build a site on a relatively new platform can be time-consuming and pricey. 

So basically, you’re stuck. 

But we can help you unstuck.

The Yola team created a refreshment program for Sitebuilder Classic’s users who want to migrate their websites to the new Sitebuilder+ platform and get it refreshed for a moderate price. 

Our refreshment service is about taking the website-making burden off your shoulders and giving you an opportunity to make your business grow with new website design, better SEO, and better UX. Our verified professionals will do all the hard work for you. We will also teach you how to use our new platform (super-easy!) to benefit your business. 

Sitebuilder+ makes building a beautiful website a much easier task. Moreover, the new platform offers so many essential features missing in Classic, such as website backups, multilingual functionality, undo and redo actions, automatic mobile optimization, and more. 

The migration will help you achieve your goals – you’ll be free to expand new horizons of your business. 

Don’t take our word for it – see the examples and what our customers say.

A Lovely Engagement.jpg

A Diva for Justice!

«Perfect! I love it! Thanks so much for all of your great work, Stepan!
You can proceed to transfer the website to my account and replace the old one now.»

- Kim Andrews

JeJe Noval

«Thank you so much for everything, Anton! I appreciate and love the work you did. Yay! I am excited!!»

- JeJe


«Stepan at Yola was prompt, efficient and professional in refreshing my website.

He respond and addressed all my questions. It was effortless on my part and he knew exactly what I was looking for in my website and delivered it.

I'm very happy with the result and I already had 3 new students contacted me and signed up in  the first days after my website was live ( In the past, I typically had 1 student a week contacting me).  My SEO and my student "journey" on the website improved and plus I like the new designe. Stepan kept my brand plus injected with more life in my website.  

Thank you Stepan and Yola for provinding this service!»

- Dominic Boyer

Platinum Cruising Aitutaki

«WOW THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!! Very happy with all the changes 😊
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything!
We are very happy with the results :slightly_smiling_face:»

- Maria Bishop

The Heart of Cinque Terre Rooms Apartments

«At first I was skeptical about switching from Sitebuilder Classic to Sitebuilder+ but today, once I've made the switch, I have to say I was totally wrong.
The technician who followed me was very professional, kind, helpful and very patient with all my requests. From the biggest to the smallest.

He went way beyond my wildest expectations and I really wasn't expecting it.
My site today is really much better than in the past, apart from the graphics, which are truly wonderful, in line with the most avant-garde trends, the site is now much more performing, user-friendly, beautiful to look at and to use .

But perhaps the most important thing is that my report card on Lighthouse has improved a lot compared to the past, so much so that within a few days from the tenth position in Google search I am now in first place, surpassing even the platforms of my sector, such as Airbnb and Booking ... a truly incredible result.

Using Sitebuilder+ is much easier and more intuitive, and Yola has also prepared a series of offers that each of us can vote on so that they can understand which requests are the most popular, so as to understand what they need to intervene on to meet the our needs.
I have been using Yola for 10 years now but I must say that in recent times it has really improved a lot, both from a technical point of view and from that of assistance.

Yola, two thumbs up.»

- Pierpaolo Paradisi

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