Yola’s website refreshment process

Website refreshment service includes building, customizing, and modifying your website by our Refreshment Team. As a result, you will get a new website created with a modern Sitebuilder+ template filled with your own content (texts, images, videos provided or approved by you). 

We made your website refreshment and migration from Sitebuilder Classic to Sitebuilder+ as comfortable for you as possible.

Here’s a 5-step process to follow:

Step 1. Fill out a short form to get on the waitlist and wait for our refreshment team to process it. All sites are evaluated individually.

Step 2. Get the confirmation and fill in the detailed brief for our designers. 

Step 3. Receive an estimate for your website, review it, and confirm. 

Step 4. Receive the payment link via email and make the transfer. After this, we will notify you about the start of your refreshment process.

Step 5. Get access to your refreshed website. Enjoy the results!


After you receive access to the final version of your refreshed site (not yet published), you have 21 calendar days to review it and request edits for free. If you need more edits after the 21-day period, we are happy to proceed with additional payment. 

Important: If your revisions contradict the initial requirements mentioned in the questionnaire and communications before the payment, their implementation will come with additional costs.

When you approve the final version of your website, or we receive no response from you within 21 calendar days, we will publish the site on the internet to the domain name you’ve specified.

Here are some examples of refreshed websites.





To ensure your site is 100% error-free and ready to publish, we maintain a thorough website compliance assessment. The manager or other experienced team member checks whether the website meets the required brief, including: 

  • Customer’s primary information verification (email, phone number, business address, social media links, etc.); 
  • Mobile version of the site checkup;
  • Button links correspondence; 
  • and more. 

Such supervision applies to every website version at all stages of the website refreshment.

As you can see, we take care of all the important stuff for you – analysis, refreshment, migration, and supervision. We also made the service cost-effective so that anyone could afford it. 

Service pricing

The two factors affecting the price are: 

  1. The size of your website, including the number of pages and the overall amount of content they contain.
  2. The complexity of the refreshment (e.g., the need to rearrange content to improve usability, use of external sources, your special requirements, etc.).  

The average price for a basic refreshment of a 10-page website is 150 US$. Then, for every following 10 pages, add 75 US$. However, a very small website may be quoted cheaper, and a large one may be quoted on special terms.

Important: We always agree on the detailed brief and the price with the client before sending the payment link so that you understand where it comes from. 

Learning how to use your new website

Sitebuilder+ has an intuitive interface, and our new users claim it to be extremely easy to use. However, we understand that it can be hard to switch to another platform at once. To help you deal with the learning curve that may occur at the beginning, we offer you to visit our extensive Help Center.

These articles will help you: 

What’s the difference between Sitebuilder Classic and Sitebuilder+?

First steps in Sitebuilder+

Also, our reliable and friendly Support Team is always there to help. 

Have any questions about the website refreshment service? Read our dedicated FAQ article.

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