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Using logos and icons as images in your blocks

Sitebuilder+ gives you many options to customize images inside the frame so that even when you use photos of different sizes, you can create a beautiful layout. This is especially handy when you want to use logos or icons as images in some of your blocks. 

Adding a logo as an image

The process of uploading a logo or an icon to the block is the same as adding an image.

Here’s how you do this:  

  1. Click the image you want to replace with a logo to activate the image controls.
  2. Click the Upload image icon and then click the Upload a file option from the drop-down menu.


  1. When your computer storage opens, find the logo you want to upload, click it, and then click Open. In a few seconds, your logo will be uploaded to the image frame. 

Customizing your logo frames

After uploading the logo to your block, you may find it doesn’t perfectly fit the image frame or aligns with other images. The good news is you can adjust the logo’s position the same way as the rest of the images.

You can crop them, resize them, and change their focal point like in the video below. 

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