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Customizing the block title

You can flexibly adjust the settings of your block titles. Here's how you can customize it:

Assign a title tag

You can add an H tag to your title to improve the search engine performance of the page. Highlight the title and choose the appropriate title tag from the drop-down menu:


The font size of the title will update accordingly.

Note: Your website page can contain only one H1 title tag.

Customize the width of the block title

You can customize the width of the block title area and make it wider or more narrow, depending on the amount of content. Here's how you can effortlessly adjust the block title:

1. Navigate to the block where you'd like to amend the title.

2. Click on the title to activate a lever button.

3. Move the button to the right to achieve the desired width of the title:


4. Continue adding your block content.

Change block title alignment

Click on the block title and choose one of the three alignment options: left, right, or centered.


To change your entire block alignment, you will need to access the relevant setting in Block settings. Here's a tutorial on how to do that: Adjusting block content alignment.

Changing the title color

You can modify a block title color by clicking Text color:


You can learn more about changing text color in this tutorial: Changing text color.

Add a link to block title

You can turn your block title into a link by clicking Link in the menu that activates:


To assign various actions to the link, follow the steps in these tutorials:
Creating text links

Managing your links

Once you are done customizing your block title, publish your website to make the changes live.

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