Managing your website pages

In the page manager, you can add, rename, delete and assign the new status to pages. To access the menu, click Pages… in the top-left area of the Sitebuilder.


Creating a new page 

You can easily create a page using the Page Manager. To access it, click Pages... and follow these steps:

1. In the main menu, click Pages… to activate the Pages menu.

2. Click the Add page round button at the bottom of the panel to add a new page.

3. In the next step, you will be prompted to choose a page template. You can choose to start from an empty page or select a pre-built page template. Pick from About us, Services, Our works, Shop, or Contacts templates.

4. In the same menu, enter the new page name. For example, we have named our new page "Services". Enter the name of your page in the field Page Name.

5. You can also choose whether you want to show this page in the navigation bar. For the page to appear in the navigation, check Display in the navigation box.

6. Click Submit

7. Customize the pre-built template with your own content or add more blocks from the Block Library.  

Alternatively, if you already have a page that you want to duplicate, hover over that page and click Copy:


When done adding pages, click the Publish button in the upper right corner of the mobile Sitebuilder to make your changes live.

Deleting a page

If you want to delete a page, you should approach this carefully. Before you delete a page please remember the following:

  • When you delete a page, all of its content is deleted.
  • Deleted pages can be restored.
  • If you think you will need this page later, you can make it inaccessible by removing it from your website’s navigation. Please note that this page may still appear in online search results.
  • If you want to delete the home page, set the new homepage first, and then proceed with the steps in this article.

Whenever you delete a page from your site, you also delete its URL. That old URL, when visited, will usually return a ‘404 not found’ error, which can damage your position in Google search results. But if you are confident in your decision, here's how you can delete a page:

1. Go to the Pages menu and navigate to the page you want to delete.

2. Click on the "trash" icon:


3. In the next window, confirm your intention to remove the page and click Submit.

The page will be no longer visible in the list of your pages. To make changes live, click Publish.

Tip: Before deleting a page you need to ask yourself whether it’s better to delete it or keep it and improve it instead. Alternatively, you can remove the page from navigation so it will no longer be accessible to your visitors.

Searching for a page

If you have an extensive number of pages, you can easily search for the needed one through the search bar in the Pages menu:


Simply type in the needed page name and you will see it in the search results.

Renaming a page

It's easy to rename a page. There are two ways you can change the page name:

1. In the upper horizontal menu, click on Pages:

2. Hover over the page which name you want to change and click on the "gear" Settings icon to trigger the Page settings menu:


3. Enter the new page title. For the best results, keep the title under 55 characters:


4. Click Submit and then Publish to make changes live.

Assigning a new homepage

Your homepage is the page that displays first when anyone visits your site. Visitors can return to your homepage by clicking your site title or your website logo.

You can assign any page of your website to be the new homepage. Here's how you can do it: 

1. Navigate to the Pages menu in the upper left corner of the Sitebuilder. Click on Pages to access the list of existing pages of your website.

2. Hover over the page which you want to set as a new home page. This activates the Home icon:


3. Click on the Home icon.  The page automatically becomes the new homepage of your website.

The old homepage will remain in your navigation, but will not have the Home icon next to it. You will need to update your navigation to reflect this change.   

Adding a page to website navigation

You can easily add a page to the navigation in the header. There are three ways of doing it.

Add a page to navigation during page creation

1. When you create a new page, you have an option to add it to the navigation header. Simply choose the Display in navigation option when creating a new page.

Click Submit to confirm the changes. The link to the page will appear on the navigation menu. 

Add page to navigation in Page Settings

You can also add a page to navigation in Page Settings. Here's how to do it:

1. Go to the Pages menu and select the page you want to add to the navigation.

2. Click on the "gear" Page Settings icon.

3. Choose the option Display in navigation:


The page will now appear in the navigation menu in the site header.

Add a page in Navigation settings

1. Go to the header area and click Customize:


2. Click Navigation settings:


3. Click on the + button to open a New Item menu:


4. In Click action, choose to Open a page and then select the page you want to be added to the top navigation menu from the drop-down list. Enter a new page title, if you wish.


5. Click Submit and then Publish to make changes live.

Note: When you update the navigation menu, the changes are visible on all pages of your website.

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