News block

News block allows you to keep your site visitors up-to-date with the latest updates and news of your site. You can choose from several News block types, depending on the content you want to showcase on your pages.

Adding the block

To add a News block, navigate to the page where you'd like to feature your articles or news, and click the round "plus" button:


In the Block Library, navigate to the News section and choose the block. You can always change the layout later:


Click on the block and it will appear on your page.

Customizing block settings

You have several options to make the News block truly yours. To activate the control pane, click anywhere on the block and then click the Block Settings icon:


In the Layout section, you can fully switch the block layout or hide some of the block elements. To fully switch the block layout, simply click the respective button and select a new block content layout:


To hide a specific block element (for example, if you want to remove a button), remove the blue tick next to its name:


In the Appearance tab, you can make the following changes:

  • Block style: Change the color scheme of the block.
  • Block spacing: Change the whitespaces on the top and bottom of the block.
  • Content layout: Choose the number of items in a row.
  • Content style: add border or add shadow to make the article elements stand out on the page:

  • Media settings: add a black & white filter to the images within this block.

Once you are done customizing block settings, click Save.

Editing images

You can replace demo images with your own photographs. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Click on any demo image in your block. In the menu that appears, click Upload image.
  2. In the drop-down menu, choose one of the options: to use a file from your device or to use a free stock image.

For more information, visit this tutorial: Adding images.

Editing text

You can add a short article summary under each image. To edit the demo content, simply click on the text piece and start typing your new text. Alternatively, you can copy and paste your existing content from the text editor you are using.

For more information, visit this tutorial: Text editing and formatting.

Editing buttons

Click on the button to activate the control panel. Click on the link icon to customize link settings:


You can also change the text that displays in the button:



Once done customizing the link settings, click Submit.

Duplicating block elements

If you need to add more information to your block, you can duplicate the whole column including the image element and the text element. To do so, hover over the block element and then click the Duplicate icon:


A new block element will appear next to the original one, and the entire block layout will be automatically updated. Repeat this action to showcase as many content pieces as you like.

Deleting block elements

To preserve this block's consistent design, it is not possible to delete only the image element or the text element - you can only delete a whole column. You can also delete one of the buttons or the block title in Block settings (described above).

If you need to delete the whole column including the image element and the text element, hover over it and then click the Trash can icon:


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