Let your visitors schedule an appointment or meeting

Scheduling an event just became easier in the Sitebuilder. Here’s how you can enable your website visitors to schedule an appointment, meeting, visit, or anything else that is time-sensitive.

Before you start adding the scheduling functionality, select an existing page on your site where you’d like to add a scheduling form. You may also create a new page and add it to the navigation for easy access.

  1. Add a Form block or another block with a form. Click on the round plus button and choose Headline or Contact blocks in the Block Library. These blocks already have built-in and predesigned forms that you can customize.
  2. Click on a block that you like and it will be added to your website page. You can change its layout later.
  3. Click on the form fields to launch Form settings.Screenshot_2021-06-02_at_15.42.50.png

  4. In the General tab, you can find the following fields: Name, E-mail, Message. You can customize them by following the steps in this tutorial: Customizing your form settings.
  1. Now you need to add two new fields to your form: Date and Time. To add a new field, click the blue round plus button:

  2. In the dropdown menu, first, choose Date:


6. In the New Item window, enter the label (what will appear on top of the field), a placeholder (a hint to your visitors of what to enter), and check the box next to Make required:



Click Submit. The Date field will be added to your form.

7. Now you must add a Time field. Add a new field by clicking the round button. In the New Item window, choose Time from the dropdown menu:



In the New item window, enter the label (what will appear on top of the field), a placeholder (a hint to your visitors that they need to pick a time for their visit or appointment), time format (12 hours or 24 hours, with examples), and check the box next to Make required:



Click Submit. The Time field will be added to your form.


8. Click Submit again. You can now preview your form with the two new fields:


  1. Publish your site to make the changes live. Your changes will be saved and the website will go live.
  2. Now when a visitor to your page clicks on the Date field in the form, they will be presented with a calendar to select a suitable date for them.



  1. When they click the Time field, they will see a time selection menu so they can enter the desired time in the format that you have specified earlier:


  1. If the visitor skips entering Date and Time, which you have made mandatory, the warning message will be displayed.

When someone requests a meeting or appointment on a specific date and time, you will receive a message to the address you specified in Form settings.

Tip: On the page with the scheduling form, you can add more details, such as what information you require for the successful scheduling of a service you offer, details of the event if it’s an event, perhaps things to bring with them to the appointment or a map to the destination:


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