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Displaying different Online Store categories on different pages

You can display different Online Store categories on different pages and even websites. This will help you target your offers to more categories of customers.

By default, the customers who visit your Online Store for the first time see the categories of the first level and your featured products (the ones that are marked as Featured on the homepage‍ in your product catalog).

You may want to change this setting and display another category to customers who open your storefront. This is useful if you want to show specific sets of items to targeted customer categories.

If you want to create several Online Stores that share the same settings like payment, shipping, and discounts, you can also use this approach.

Before you begin

If you haven’t yet done so, create different categories for your store products. To learn more about how to create product categories, visit these tutorials:

When you have decided which category you want to display in which block or website, continue to the next step.

Adding an Online Store block

  1. Identify where you would like to add the Online Store block that displays products from your Online Store.
  2. Click the Add a block Plus (+) button and choose Online Store in the Blocks library.
  3. When the block appears on the page, your categories and Featured products are displayed by default.

B2C - OS categories - 1.png

  1. To display a specific product category on this page, go to Block settings.

    B2C - OS categories - 2.png
  2. In the Layout tab, choose the category you want to display in this particular Online Store block from the dropdown menu. You will be able to instantly preview how your products from the selected category look on the page.

    B2C - OS categories - 3.png
  3. Once you are happy with the result, click Save.

Remember to publish your site to make the changes live. After this, your visitors will see the selected category and will be able to shop as usual.

B2C - OS categories - 4 (2).png


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