Enabling your customers to add a tip (gratuity)

You can add a tipping option, also known as a gratuity, to your Online Store checkout so customers can support your business or express their appreciation for your service. 

On the payment page, customers will be able to specify the tip amount or a percentage that you set in your Online Store settings.

Note: You may need to upgrade your Online Store subscription to enable this feature.


Setting up tipping options

  1. In your Online Store dashboard, go to Settings > General > Cart & Checkout.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to the Tips and gratuity section.
  3. Click the toggle next to the Tipping option at checkout to enable tips:


To set up the tips section, click Tip settings. You can customize the following settings:

  • Edit the title and the description section: You can also set a custom title and description for the tips section that will suit your goals. For example, you can call this section “Tips” if you run a restaurant, or call it “Donations” if you are a non-profit organization.
  • In the Tip amounts section, select the tip calculation: fixed amounts or percentage of the order total.
  • Add tip amounts that customers will be able to choose from at checkout. To let customers check out with no tips, add a zero tipping option.

Once you are done customizing this section, click Save.

Note: If you have set up taxes in your store, taxes are not applied to tips. For example, if a customer wants to pay a $10 tip, they will pay exactly $10 since taxes are not added to tips.

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