Editing your site headline

The headline is the first thing your visitors will see when they arrive at your website. Customize the text in your leading block to instantly capture your visitors’ attention. Studies show that when you improving your homepage headline, you can greatly decrease the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate by up to 40%.

The headline is an important element of your page. You can add a headline on the homepage or any other page of your site.

You can add a punching website headline using a Headline block. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the top block of your website and click the + Add a block button just below the Header. This action takes you to the Block Library.

    NoteThe Headline block does not look good if placed above the header, where your site navigation, logo, language selector, or phone number may appear.
  1. In the Block library, navigate to the Headline section. You can choose a headline with or without a background. You can change the layout of your headline later.


  1. Click on the block preview and the Headline block will be added to your page. You can now customize it and add your own content.

Customizing the headline

Click anywhere in the new block to activate the control pane. Click on the Block settings icon:


In the Layout tab, you can preview how the block looks with or without a background. If you wish to switch to another layout, simply click on the preview.

In the Appearance tab, you can change the following settings:

Block style: Choose the color scheme of this block

Block elements: Choose if the block title (the headline) should be displayed

Block spacing: Adjust the top and bottom indent (spacing between neighboring blocks)



Horizontal alignment: Choose the left or center content alignment in this block:



Customize the background of this block: make the background black and white.

Add overlay: Add a background filter that mutes the color and makes it appear lighter. This allows the headline to stand out more prominently, especially if your block background is dark.

Once you have set up a  design for your headline, you can create a catchy message for your visitors.

Best practices for writing headlines

Capturing your audience’s attention from the very beginning is crucial. Here are some tips on writing an effective headline:

  • Make it succinct. The strongest homepage headlines fall between 5 and 12 words. Too few words and you end up with a vague headline that doesn’t deliver your message effectively. Too many words and your site visitors can be distracted.
  • Add a subtitle. Subtitles should be kept under 110 characters. You don’t need to add complete sentences and you should try and eliminate filler words:



Use unique words and exciting, lively descriptions that differentiate your company and set yourself apart. Use a thesaurus to find interesting synonyms that set you apart from the competition.

Make sure to weave in your main keywords in the headline that will not only catch the attention of your audience but also support your search optimization efforts.

Focus on the most important and unique feature of your product or service. Make your headline a magnet for your target audience.

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