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How to back up your Yola site

Your website represents a significant digital investment, a culmination of your efforts and resources. However, in the digital landscape, unforeseen events can disrupt your online presence. Technical glitches, cyber threats, and human errors are lurking risks that could potentially wipe out your hard work.  That means having backups is essential. 

This guide will not only provide you with the technical know-how but also emphasize the critical reasons for making backups.

What is site backup?

Backing up your website means protecting, saving, and archiving your content in several ways at regular intervals. This ensures that your content is safe at all times.

A catastrophic event when your Yola site suddenly vanishes, never to be recovered, is extremely unlikely. It’s a lot more likely that you might accidentally delete something essential, like an important snippet of custom code. If that happens, you want to be prepared.

Types of site backup

There are two types of backups available in the Sitebuilder: manual and automatic. By default, Yola Sitebuilder will automatically back up your site without any extra thought on your part during the following events:

  • When you save the website for the fifth time
  • When you publish your website
  • Whenever you restore the previous version of your site.

Creating a manual backup

After making important changes to the website, you can manually back up your site. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Main menu icon (hamburger icon) in the top left corner of the Sitebuilder. 
  2. Choose Settings in the Sidebar.

    B2C - Backup - 1.png
  3. In the Website settings, click the arrow in the top right corner of the window and go to the Backups tab, where you have a list of the automatic backups Yola did for you and a button to create a new backup.

    B2C - Backup - 2.png
  1. Click the Create site backup button to generate the backup manually.

    B2C - Backup - 3.png
  2. Name your backup. For example, with a date or a note to remind yourself what has been changed, and click Submit.

    B2C - Backup - 4.png

A new version of your website will be saved, and you’ll see them in the Website backups list with the time and date stamp and the number of pages backed up.

B2C - Backup - 5.png

Restoring your site from a backup

If you want to restore your website to the previously saved version, click the backup on the list and confirm your intention in the warning popup window that appears.

B2C - Backup - 6.png

Once you click Submit, your website's previous version will be automatically restored. Also, a new automatic backup will be created, allowing you to access the current version of the site.

How many backups can I have?

  • With Yola Free, you can have 1 manual and 1 auto-backup.
  • With Yola Bronze, you can have 50 manual backups and 50 automatic. But, you can only restore two last backups – 1 automatic and 1 manual. To access other backups, you need to upgrade to Yola Silver or Yola Gold.
  • On Yola Silver and Yola Gold, you can create 50 manual and 50 automatic backups. You have access to them all.
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