How to back up your Yola site

You need to have a full backup of your site in place, and the same goes for your personal data as well. What's more, data loss can occur even if there's no human error involved. That means having backups is essential, even if you (and your team) know what you're doing. Backing up a website is easy in the Yola Sitebuilder.

Note: 40% of small to medium businesses don't back up their data. But with the Sitebuilder, your site is always kept secure.

What is site backup?

Backing up your website means protecting, saving, and archiving your content in several ways at regular intervals. This ensures that your content is safe at all times.

A catastrophic event when your Yola site suddenly vanishes, never to be recovered, is extremely unlikely. It’s a lot more likely that you might accidentally delete something essential, like an important snippet of custom code. If that happens, you want to be prepared.

Types of site backup

There are two types of backups available in the Sitebuilder: manual and automatic. By default, Yola Sitebuilder will automatically back up your site without any extra thought on your part during the following events:

  • When you save the website for the fifth time
  • When you publish your website

Creating a manual backup

After making important changes to the website, you can manually back up your site. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main menu and click Settings…


  2. Under the Backups tab, click Create site backup:

  1. Give your backup a name, for example, with a date or a note to remind yourself what has been changed:


  2. Click Submit. Your website will be saved and the backup will be visible in the Website backups list:


Restoring your site from a backup

If you want to restore your website to the previously saved version, you can do that by clicking on the backup in the list and confirming your intention in the warning pop-up window that appears:


Once you click Submit, your website's previous version will be automatically restored. Also, a new automatic backup will be created, allowing you to access the current version of the site.

Note: You can create up to 2 backups on Free and Bronze Yola plans. On Yola Silver and Gold, you can create unlimited manual and 50 automatic backups.

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