Adding a Click-to-call link

Click-to-call or click-to-dial empowers your website visitors to tap a phone number, button, or image to call your business from a cell phone or computer. This is easily achieved by adding your business phone number to a clickable link, allowing potential clients to reach your business with minimal effort.

Making a clickable phone number in the header

Your Header block allows you to add a clickable phone number. To enable it, first, you need to ensure that the phone number is visible.

  1. Hover over the Header block to activate the menu.
  2. Click the Block settings icon and click the checkbox next to the Business phone:

  3. Click Save.

To add a link to the phone number displayed, highlight the number and click on the Link icon in the menu that activates:


In the Link settings window, choose the Make a phone call as a Click action:


In the field below, enter the phone number you want your visitors to call. Make sure to add the international code, in this example, it’s +1 for North America:


Click Submit and then Publish to make the changes live.

When your visitor clicks on the phone number on their mobile device, they will be able to call you directly. If your customers have Skype or similar software installed on their computer, the above example will trigger a call from those applications:


Automatic updates of the phone number

When you add a phone number, the settings are updated automatically throughout the website, including the Contacts block:


The changes are also reflected in the Footer block:


Adding a Click-to-call link to text, images and buttons

You can turn any portion of the content, including images and buttons, into a clickable call link. Follow the steps outlined above to assign a Make a phone call action to: 

  • Text:

  • Images:

  • Buttons:


Important: If you cater to an international customer base, make sure to include the international country code so that your customers always reach the correct destination.

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