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Getting a personalized email address

Yola Mail is the easiest way to get an email address for your custom domain. You can get an email without having to sign up for any external services or change your domain settings manually. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Calendar: Features include a calendar, event reminders, and meeting requests.
  • Multimedia messages: Add photo attachments, slideshows, and MP3 audio.
  • File storage: Upload, organize and share files up to 25 MB with 5 GB of email storage.
  • Unlimited email aliases: An email alias is an email address that forwards emails to a single mailbox. For instance, you can have '' and '' forwarded to one mailbox. You can create as many aliases for a single mailbox as you'd like.

As well as 

  • Full-featured contact manager
  • Complete set of spam protection tools
  • Integrated spell-checker
  • Built-in RSS feed reader

Here’s how to set up Yola Mail.

Step 1 – Sign up for Yola Mail

  1. Go to My Yola dashboard and click Email in the Topbar.

    Note: If you have more than one domain registered with Yola, you will have to choose the domain you want to connect Yola Mail to from the dropdown. 
  2. Click the Get Yola Mail button and follow the instructions to enter your payment details.

  3. After making the payment, click Return to proceed with the Yola Mail configuration.


Note: Yola Mail is linked to your custom domain, so your Yola Mail account is active until your domain expires. The purchase price is prorated monthly. Yola Mail costs US$ 9.96 per mailbox per year, and the price is automatically calculated based on when your domain is due to expire.

For example, if you are purchasing one mailbox and your domain is due to expire in 7 months, your price for Yola Mail will be lower.

Step 2 – Create a username and password

After you’ve completed the payment and pressed the Return button, you’ll be taken to a mailbox-creating page. With these credentials, you can log in to a web interface to check your email and configure it for email clients such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and others.

Here’s what you need to do here: 

  1. Fill in the username and password fields.

  2. Click Create mailbox to add the mailbox to your domain.

Note: This is the username and password you will use to access your mail. They are different from the username and password you use to log in to Yola. For example, if you want the email address "" as your main email address, then type in "info" and a password in the respective fields.

Step 3 – Access your mailbox to send and receive email

Here’s how to access your Yola mailbox: 

  1. After you create the mailbox, click the Check inbox button on your mailbox configuration page.

  2. This takes you to Type in here the username and password you chose when you configured your mailbox.

  3. Click Login.

You have your mailbox ready. 

To continue configuring it (manage aliases, change mailbox password, delete the mailbox) read our dedicated article, How to configure your mailbox.

To set up your mailbox with an email client, follow the instructions from this tutorial. For mailbox managing and using tips, visit this page.

We hope this guide helped you. If you’ve any questions left, please contact our Support Team

Ready to use your new knowledge? – Set up your mailbox!

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