Embedding a Tweet

You may want to embed a tweet mentioning your product, service, or a review into your website page. Here’s how you can do it using custom code. 

Step 1 - Insert HTML block

1. Locate the spot on the page where you would like to embed a Tweet and click + Add a block button. 

2. In the Block library, click on the Embed block.



Your new block will be only visible inside the Sitebuilder until you add custom code to it.


Don't close this window.


Step 2 - Find the tweet you'd like to embed

To embed a tweet onto your blog or website, you'll need to first find the tweet you want to display in its natural habitat - Twitter, complete with likes and comments.

Locate the tweet in your Twitter newsfeed or on the Twitter user's profile. For this example, we'll embed a tweet from The Health Renegade's Twitter feed, as shown in the screenshots below.


Step 3 - Get the embed code 

Once you've found the tweet you want to embed, click the downward-facing arrow icon located on the top-right of the tweet.



Clicking this arrow icon will reveal a dropdown menu of options, including one called Embed Tweet:


Choose Embed Tweet.

Copy the code that has been generated:



Step 4 - Embed the code

With this embed code copied to your clipboard, return to the Sitebuilder and go to the newly added HTML block. 

  1. Click on the block to activate the menu. Click on the </> icon.


2. Paste the tweet's embed code into the window.

3. You will also need to add <center> before the <blockquote…> at the beginning of the embed code



And also </center> at the closing of the code:



As a result, the tweet will not automatically appear pushed up against the left or right side of your webpage.

4. Click Submit.


5. That's it! Go ahead and click Publish. 

This is what your embedded tweet will look like when you're done:


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