Steps to connect your domain to Sitebuilder+ site

We recommend keeping your Sitebuilder Classic version site active until your new Sitebuilder+ site is complete. This ensures your visitors have a live site to visit and allows you to refer to the old content if you want to replicate it on your new site.

While working on your new site, you can publish it to the free Yola subdomain. Since you will not be sharing the link to your “under construction” site, no need to put a special notice on your new site.

When your new site is ready, you can сonnect the domain that belongs to the Sitebuilder Classic site to the new site. Here’s how you can do that:


Unpublish your Sitebuilder Classic site

In Sitebuilder Classic, go to Settings > Publishing.

  1. Click the Unpublish Site link.
  2. A confirmation dialog box will open.
  3. Type "Unpublish" into the text box provided and click Unpublish site.
  4. Your site is now unpublished.


Connect your domain to the new website

  1. In your My Yola dashboard, go to the Domains tab in the upper right menu.
  2. Follow these steps in the Connecting your domain tutorial:


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