Saving your content before the migration from Sitebuilder Classic to Sitebuilder+

Saving your text content

While it’s possible to copy and paste the text directly between the two Sitebuilders open in two separate windows, it’s best to save your text content on your computer or in the cloud storage for your peace of mind.

Copy and paste your existing content into Word or another text editor. Create one text document for each page you are saving. Clearly name the pages, so you can recreate them more easily.

When copying and pasting text, remove text formatting to avoid importing stray HTML tags. Sitebuilder+ will not be affected by your Sitebuilder Classic site's style settings.



You will apply text formatting in Sitebuilder+ as you move along with your new page content creation.


Saving your images

We recommend downloading all images in your File Manager so you have them as a backup. To do this, follow these steps: 

  1. In your Sitebuilder Classic, go to the Files button:



  1. Click all the files you want to save and then click Download as Zip:



Locate the file on your computer. Now you can go through the images and pick the ones you would like to use on your new site.

Create a new folder for the image and video files you want to reuse. Move your chosen images to this folder.

Note: Sitebuilder+ image requirements vary from those in Sitebuilder Classic. Make yourself familiar with the image requirements in this tutorial: Choose the right image format for your site


Saving other content

Do you have any outbound links in your content? When you copy and paste the text into the new Sitebuilder, links are not transferred automatically. Here’s how to approach:

1. Save each link in a separate text document and label them in a clear way so you will know which link should be inserted on which page.

2. Once you have recreated the page, insert the new link, and specify where the link should lead.

For more details on creating text links in Sitebuilder+ view this tutorial: Creating text links.

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