Your Sitebuilder+ website structure

You might want to keep your navigation menus, pages, and words as similar as possible to your old site, or you can use this move as an opportunity to refresh your content and structure.

In the Pages menu, you can use a variety of pages to create your site's content, ranging from Empty page to pages with specific functions, like AboutContact, or Services.

 Building your page from scratch

Building your page from a template

You can do a lot more with your pages now, for example, assign a Language code and build pages from language-specific blocks.


Customizing your style

You can choose the site-wide color, font, and other style changes in the Design tab: 


Simply move from one tab to another to access various kinds of settings.


Helpful tutorials:

Changing website fonts

Applying different website colors

Adding website animations


These settings work with your overall design to help you create a balanced, well-designed site.


Arranging your images 

There are many ways to showcase your images on the new Sitebuilder+ website:

Add a single image with the Image block

Arranging your images with Gallery block

You can also make the most of your images with these tutorials:

Choosing the image format

Editing images

Making images clickable

Your blocks come pre-designed with demo images. You can leave them as is or customize your images and backgrounds to create a website that is truly yours.

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