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Website basic design and style

Yola’s Sitebuilder+ provides you with many design features for creating a beautiful and trendy website. This article will help you figure out the basic options you can use while styling your site. 

Customizing your site’s style

Choosing a pre-designed template doesn’t mean you can’t make it unique. With Sitebuilder+ you can change colors, fonts, and effects on your site.  

To open the website design settings, click the Design tab on the Topbar. 


Here you can move from one tab to another to access various kinds of settings:

These settings work with your overall design to help you create a balanced, well-designed site.

If you need to change a template on this step, click the Template tab and then the Switch template button. This will bring you to the Template gallery.


Arranging images 

There are two ways to locate your images on the Sitebuilder+ website:

Your blocks come pre-designed with demo images. You can leave them as is or customize your images and backgrounds to make your site unique.

You can also make the most of your images with these tutorials:

Customizing blocks

Blocks’ customization is available in the Block settings on the Control panel where you can change block appearance. 


Every block has its own special characteristics which are described in the Block types section. 

We hope this guide helped you. If you’ve any questions left, please contact our Support Team

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