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Moving your site from Sitebuilder Classic to Sitebuilder+

If you already have a site with Yola created in Sitebuilder Classic, we advise you to move it to the more advanced Sitebuilder+

To start your site migration, you need to save all the files and text from it and decide whether you want to keep the current design or replenish it. Afterward, you can start creating your site in Sitebuilder+.

How to download files from Sitebuilder Classic

Here is the list of content that you need to export manually:

  • Images: logo, backgrounds, and product photos
  • Audio and video files
  • Downloadable content

To download these files, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Sitebuilder Classic website you want to recreate.
  2. Click Files in the Topbar.

  3. Select the files you want to import and click Download as Zip.


The files will be downloaded to your site in a Zip file format. Unzip it to further use these files in Sitebuilder+.

How to save text from Sitebuilder Classic

Saving text is as simple as copying and pasting. We suggest that you save the text from your site to a Microsoft Word file or Pages file to further add it to your Sitebuilder+ site. Here are the general steps to save the text content from Sitebuilder Classic:

  1. Access the Sitebuilder Classic website you want to recreate.
  2. Copy the text portion by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard (Command+C on Mac).
  3. Paste the text portion into a Microsoft Word file or Pages file.
  4. Save the file on your computer so that you have access to it later. 

Now your text is secure, and you can add it to your Sitebuilder+ site at a later point.

Deciding on your site design

When moving your site to Sitebuilder+, you have the opportunity to fully refresh its design. Since our templates were created by professional designers, you only need to choose one that looks appealing to you and fill it in with your own content. Our smart interface will then automatically adjust your template design to best fit your content.

You can also replicate your previous site design in Sitebuilder+. The easiest way here is to visually divide your site sections horizontally. This is because the blocks in Sitebuilder+ are placed one on top of the other so transferring content in such a way will make it easier to finish the migration quickly. Refer to the below video to see how one page of a Sitebuilder Classic site is being migrated to Sitebuilder+.


How to create your first site in Sitebuilder+

To create your first site in Sitebuilder+ and start editing it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Yola Dashboard. 
  2. In your My Yola Dashboard, click the (+) Add New Site button.
  3. On the next page, click Get started for free.

  4. You will be taken to the Template library, where you can choose the new template for your site. 

To learn more about building your first site in Sitebuilder+, visit this tutorial: First steps in Sitebuilder+.

Tip: If you own a custom domain and would like to use it for your Sitebuilder+ site, you will need to disconnect it from your Sitebuilder Classic site first to further connect it to your new site. Refer to this tutorial to learn how to do it: Disconnect your domain from Sitebuilder Classic and connect it to Sitebuilder+ site.

We hope this guide helped you. If you’ve any questions left, please contact our Support Team

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