Creating a Sitebuilder Classic site after starting with Sitebuilder+

Sitebuilder+ is a new take on the website design system, with more streamlined options for customizing your site and adding content. Now it’s possible to edit content in a live mode without switching back and forth between the site and preview mode.

However, if you started a Sitebuilder+ site but would prefer to use one of Sitebuilder Classic designs, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to My Yola dashboard and click + Add New Site button next to the My Sites header:


  1. You will land on the Theme Selector page. Scroll down and click Continue with classic link:


  1. You will appear in the Sitebuilder Classic. After completing the steps of the website setup wizard, you will access the Editor and continue building your site using the classic version.

  2. Your new website will appear in your My Yola dashboard and you will be able to edit it with Sitebuilder Classic in the future:

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