Adding shipping markup and handling fees

You may want to slightly increase your shipping rates to be compensated for the postage or any other expenses related to order fulfillment. 

You can adjust the automatic rates of carrier-calculated shipping methods with the help of the Shipping markup option. The fee will be included in the shipping rate provided by the carrier company.

To add a markup to a carrier-calculated shipping method:

  1. From your Online Store admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.
  2. Click Actions > Edit for your carrier-calculated shipping method. 



  1. Under the Shipping settings block, find and fill out the Shipping markup field with a flat amount that will be included in the shipping fees.



  1. Click Save.


Adding a handling fee

If you want to add a markup that should be explicitly displayed at checkout, you can use a handling fee. A handling fee is an additional charge explicitly added at checkout on top of the product price, taxes, and shipping costs.

You can charge a handling fee if you want to cover the cost of any additional expenses related to the order fulfillment, e.g. shipping materials, gift wrap, parcel insurance, rush delivery, etc

The handling fee rate will be applied at checkout to all orders that require shipping or pickup.

Here’s how to add it:

  1. From your Online Store admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.
  2. Click Set Up Handling Fee in the Settings block:


  1. Add the fee title, description, and amount.
  2. Click Save to confirm the change. 

Note: The handling fee will be cleared and won’t show up at checkout if all items in the cart have free delivery or a free shipping discount coupon was used. Also, the handling fee is not applied when you sell e-goods.

This feature is available on all Online Store plans.

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