FAQ: Moving from Sitebuilder Classic to Sitebuilder+

If you have a website created in Sitebuilder Classic and want to move to the latest version of the Sitebuilder (Sitebuilder+), use the steps in this article to get started. 

To move your site, you will need to start a new site, customize the site design, create new pages, and then assign your existing domain.

If you have questions before you begin or during the process, you can always contact us for help. 

Note: We are actively developing Sitebuilder+, so some features from your Classic site may not be available in Sitebuilder+ yet.

Starting a new site

In your My Yola dashboard, click + Add New Site button:


You will be taken to the Template Gallery page. Choosing a template is your starting point for building a new Sitebuilder+ website.

Continue through the steps of Site Setup Wizard.

How can I move my content?

As for moving from Sitebuilder Classic to Sitebuilder+, there's no direct way to move all your content from one platform to another at this point. You can copy and paste text content and re-upload images from your computer. Here are some useful tutorials:

Can I import my content?

Content importing isn’t currently supported.

Adding a new page

Start building your website by adding a new page. Use pre-built page templates or build your page from scratch. Add more blocks that stack vertically to create a seamless look as you scroll down or up the page. 

You can add more blocks to a page by clicking the round + button above or below the existing content.


Customize your site design

Sitebuilder+ offers robust style and design options, including professionally curated font combinations, color palettes, effects, and templates. 

You can edit your website style in the Website > Design panel. Click Colors, Fonts, Effects, and Template tabs to customize any particular design element.


Should I cancel my old site?

We recommend keeping your Sitebuilder Classic site active until your new Sitebuilder+ site is complete. This ensures your visitors have a live site to visit. This also allows you to reuse the existing content on your new site.

While working on your new site, we suggest keeping it on a free Yola subdomain. When your new site is ready, you can connect your domain to the new site.

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