Making images clickable

You can easily make images clickable by enabling click actions. This will turn images into links to other blocks, pages on your site, external websites, or downloadable files. Here are some of the uses for clickable images:

  • Create a portfolio of projects using a Gallery block and add URLs to each client’s website.
  • Display a small preview of a document using an Image block and add a link to a downloadable file (e.g. PDF of a menu).
  • Create a list of services in the Features block and add links to other pages of your website via the images

How you can make images clickable

  1. Hover over the image you want to edit and right-click on it.

  2. Click on the Set a click action button in the menu:


  3. In the next menu, choose which action you want to add:


Here are the click actions you can add to the image:

Open a page

Choose this option to make the image clickable and link it to another page on your website. Choose the page you want to link to from the drop down menu.


Click Save to confirm.


Download a file

Pick this option to link the image to a downloadable file. On the next menu, choose a file that you want the user to download.


Click Save to confirm.


Scroll to a block

Similar to linking to a page, make the image clickable so it leads the user to another block on the page. Choose this option and then specify the block in the drop down menu:


Click Save to confirm.


Open a web address

To have the image linking to another website, click this option in the drop down menu and enter the website URL:


You can also choose to:

  • Make the link opening in a new browser tab
  • Add a Nofollow tag

Once done, click Save.

To make the changes live, click the Publish button in the top right corner.


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