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Submitting a feature request

Yola is constantly working on improving functionality and adding new features. You can suggest a feature you need for Yola engineers to consider. 

Here’s how you can submit your feature request:

  1. Click the Main menu button on the Topbar of the Sitebuilder. 
  2. In the Sidebar, scroll down to the Help section and click it to open. 
  3. Choose the option Request a feature from the dropdown menu. You will be taken to the Yola Product Map page, where you can learn about which requests were delivered and which are in progress or planned.

    B2C - Feature request - 1.png

  4. Click the Submit idea button. You can now enter your submission in the popup window.

    B2C - Feature request - 2.png
  5. Choose the importance level of the feature from the available options. 
  6. Click Submit.

Your suggestion will be sent to our Product Development Team.

How can I track feature requests?

We welcome your ideas about new features, tips on improving existing ones, or just feedback on our product. While all feature requests are considered, we cannot guarantee a response to these requests. 

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