Creating a page from a page template

Page templates are flexible, basic layouts you can use to quickly create custom layouts of text, images, forms, and other common page features with blocks. Templates are a great choice for contact pages, about pages, and—for many sites—the majority of your content.

When you add a new page, you can choose between a blank page and pages with pre-built layouts designed for specific uses.

Tip: To learn more about the navigation, visit Adding pages to navigation.


Add a page with pre-built layouts 

You can add a page with pre-built, professional page designs and blocks with placeholder text. You can add your own content to the blocks, or delete them and add more blocks to the page to create a custom look and feel.   

Page layouts are made with different combinations of blocks, depending on the type. You can always add more sections and blocks to any template.

To add a page with a pre-built template: 

  1. In the upper horizontal menu, click the hamburger icon:

  2. In Pages, click the + button
  3. In the Add new page menu, click Page templates, then select the layout type you want, for example, About us or Contacts, in the drop-down menu:



  1. Enter a page title, then click Submit to save.

Tip: You can change the page title later.


Types of page templates

There are several page template types for different purposes, including:

  • About us: A page with a space to tell a story about your brand plus the Team block to showcase your employee profiles. You can use these blocks for a variety of purposes. 
  • Services: A page with a block to showcase your products or services, plus a Pricing block with a price list. This helps you quickly and easily offer your services to your visitors. 
  • Our works: A gallery of images to show your portfolio and a call to action segment. 
  • Contacts: A contact form with a map to show the directions to your physical location to your visitors. 
  • Shop: Create a shop page showcasing your products entered in the Online Store.


Customizing the page template

To replace the placeholder blocks with your own content:

  1. Click any placeholder image, text, or other content to activate the menu and edit it.
  2. On mobile, tap any block to edit it.
  3. You can also add new blocks.

Add new blocks

If you like a page’s layout format but need to add more content, customize the page by adding new blocks, then dragging and dropping them to the right position.

Tip: Adding more blocks to a page layout doesn’t affect the design of the page. The design of your site is automated.  Spacing, alignment, and margins will be preserved to maintain the clean, professional look of your site. 

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