Embed (custom HTML) block

You can use the Premium > Embed block to add HTML and scripts to your site.

Some of the code that can be added include:

  • Live chat services
  • Site analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

Custom code can be used to present content in a way that is not supported by native blocks. You can also style this HTML with CSS. 


How to add an Embed block

Click on the + Add block button. In the Block library menu, scroll to Premium blocks.

Click on the Embed block and it will be inserted into the page automatically.





Note: You may need to upgrade your Yola plan to access this functionality.


Adding HTML code

Before you begin:

In the service from which you want to add code, copy the HTML code, and keep it handy. 

  1. Hover your cursor over the Embed block to activate the menu.
  2. Click on the Custom HTML icon:



  1. Paste the code into the field and click SubmitThe code validation feature will notify you if the code contains any errors that may conflict with the way Sitebuilder works.



Happy with the way your code looks? Publish your site to execute the code.

Please note that the code will not be executed while you are working in the Sitebuilder. It will only be executed on the published site.

For more ways to add the HTML code to your page visit: Adding the custom code 

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