Deleting a site

If you have a site in your account that you no longer need, you can easily delete it.

Important: Please make sure you want to do this, as once a site is deleted there is no way to recover it! If you want to start over and create a new site from scratch, you can reset your site.

How to delete a site

To delete a site:

1. In Sitebuilder’s Website menu, click Go to dashboard.

2. In My Yola dashboard, locate the site you want to delete.

3. Click the “trash” button Delete Site.


  1. You'll be prompted with a final warning in the panel that opens to confirm. Type Delete to permanently delete your site.

Your site will disappear from the dashboard. Visitors to this URL will see this message:



What happens when you delete your site


If your site is published, deleting your site will also cause it to become unpublished. If you published it to a subdomain, this will release the subdomain and make it available for public use.

You will still be the owner of that domain and you will be able to publish another site in your account to that domain name.


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