Another way of creating a link to a phone number

You can easily create a clickable phone number by adding your number as a link. When visitors click on this link, they will be able to make a call using their mobile phone or a calling application on their laptops. Your phone number will already be entered. 

How to add a link to a phone number:

  1.  If you haven’t done so already, add the Header block.



  1. Hover your cursor over the header to activate the control pane. Choose the “cog” icon Block Settings.



  1. Select the checkbox next to the Primary button and, optional, Secondary button, so that your buttons display in the header. 


4. Hover your cursor over the button where you would like to add your phone number, so your visitors would click it and place a call. Click on the “chain” Link icon.



5. In the Click action section, choose Open a web address option and specify your phone number in the format tel:xxx-xxx-xxxx as in the example below:




6. Type in the content you would like to see inside the button in the Title field.



 7. Click Submit. The button will be updated:




8. If you are happy about the way the button looks, click Publish.

Congratulations! Your visitors will be able to place a call directly on the website using the calling application on their device.

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