Setting a primary domain

A primary domain is the main address for your site. Only one domain can be set as the primary domain and all pages on your site will show that domain. 

If you only have one domain name connected to your site, then that will be this site's primary domain. And if you have several domain names connected to a single website, you will need to select one that will be your primary domain.

When you purchase additional custom domains, the first domain you connected to a site will remain its primary domain until you assign another domain for this role.

Note: It’s not possible to use a different domain for specific pages of a single site.

Setting a primary domain 

  1. From the Sitebuilder, click on the Hamburger menu icon and click Go to dashboard.

  1. In My Yola, click Domains.  

  2. Locate the domain you want to set as your primary domain.
  3. Click Advanced settings.


  4. In the Connect your domain to a site section, select the website this domain is connected to. If the domain is not connected to any site yet, select the site and click Connect.
  5. Click Make Primary.

Important notes

  • Setting a new domain as the primary will automatically remove the primary status from the previous domain.
  • Search engines only show your primary custom domain.
  • Only custom domains can be set as the primary domain. If you disconnect all custom domains from a site, your free Yola subdomain will become the primary one.
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