Making domain registration details private

Your contact information will then be verified by the Internet Coalition for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, as they’re more commonly referred to.

ICANN requires that the mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address of domain owners or administrators are publicly available in WHOIS directories for accountability purposes. 

For example, a domain without private registration will be displayed in the WHOIS database like this:


WHOIS regulations require that all contact information for a domain owner should be submitted to the gated WHOIS database, as required by the domain governing body ICANN. This may leave you feeling vulnerable to e-mail spam, identity theft, as well as unsolicited telemarketing and direct marketing.

Private Registration is your solution to customer privacy and safety concerns. It protects you from spammers, telemarketers, identity thieves, and other unlawful internet users who “mine” the public WHOIS database with Yola's Private Registration service.

Private Registration gives you peace of mind as it keeps your private information masked and truly private. When you purchase Private Registration, alternate contact information displays in the public WHOIS database listing. Contact forwarding instructions are displayed in both gated and public WHOIS systems. This ensures the highest level of domain registration details privacy. 

Third parties who wish to contact the owner of the domain with Private Registration enabled, use the contact information provided by the forwarding service. This way, Yola serves as a gatekeeper, filtering out spam and unsolicited direct mail, and then forwarding only important messages and mail. Third parties that wish to contact the owner of a domain with private registration enabled may do so via the URL This service will then securely forward the email to the domain owner.

With private registration enabled, your contact details will look like this:



You can see that no personal information is shown and that details of the domain registrar’s appear in WHOIS search results.

If you are interested in having domain privacy, we can enable this feature. It will cost $9.95 per year per domain. You will need to add a credit card as a stored payment method so that we can charge your card. Please let us know if you would like to go ahead and for which domain you would like to enable the domain privacy.

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