Disconnecting your domain

Do you want to use your domain with your other website or transfer it away to another registrar? You can do it by disconnecting your domain. Here’s how to do it:

Unpublishing your website

A site requires a domain if it is published. If you wish to remove the domain, you need to unpublish your site first. You will be prompted to unpublish when you attempt to disconnect your domain via the Advanced Settings menu. Here’s how you can unpublish your site:

  1. Click on Edit This Site button next to the website you want to unpublish in the My Yola dashboard.


  1. When the Sitebuilder loads, go to the main menu and click the Settings link:


  1. In the General tab, scroll down to the Danger Zone and click on the Unpublish site button. You will be prompted to confirm your intention to unpublish at the next step.


  1. You have successfully unpublished your site if in the Danger Zone area in the Settings menu you no longer see the option to Unpublish site.
  2. Go back to the My Yola dashboard by clicking the Go to dashboard option in the Website menu.

Reconnecting the domain to your site

To use your domain with another website, please follow these steps. In order to reconnect a domain, you first need to publish it. Here’s how to do it:

  1.  In the Sitebuilder, click on the Publish button in the top right corner:


  1. Your website will be published to the same subdomain as before (see Keeping your free Yola subdomain tutorial).


  1. You now have an option to reconnect your existing domain or connect a brand-new custom domain. To do this, continue to the Domains tab in the upper horizontal menu.


  1. Click on the Advanced settings link next to the domain name you want to reconnect to.


  1. Continue to Connect your domain to a site tab and click the Connect button next to the website you want to connect the domain to.


  1. You now have an option to make the domain primary. 


  1. When you have successfully reconnected the domain, its settings should look like this:


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