Connect your domain to a site

If you want to use your own custom domain with a Yola-built website, you need to connect your Yola-purchased custom domain to your website.

Before you connect your domain

Make sure your website has been published. To publish your site, click Publish in the upper right corner. For more information on how to publish your site, visit this tutorial: Publishing your site.

Connecting your domain and website

  1. To connect your domain to a site, go to My Yola and choose the Domains tab in the upper horizontal menu.

  2. Proceed to the Advanced settings of a domain you want to connect.


  1. In the Advanced Domain Settings menu, click the Connect your domain to a site tab: 


  1. Locate the site you would like to connect to a domain and click Connect: 


  1. You will now have connected your custom domain to your website. You have the option to make it a primary domain. To do this, click the Make Primary button. Learn more about the primary domain in this tutorial. 


  1. You have successfully connected your website and your custom domain. 


  1. Continue editing your site. When you publish, all changes will be visible on your website under your custom domain.
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