Creating automated marketing emails

Online Store marketing automation tool automatically sends customized sales emails to your customers when they complete certain actions in your Online Store, for example, adding a new product to their favorites or completing a purchase.

Once a customer completes an action, a marketing email is automatically sent. These emails help engage shoppers and grow sales.

Enabling marketing automation

  1. In the Sitebuilder, go to the Website menu and choose Online Store.


  1. In your Online Store dashboard, go to Marketing and then to Automated Emails.

  1. Scroll down to Make customers loyal area and choose the Retain customers with automated emails tab:

  2. Marketing emails are set up once and then sent out automatically when a particular event in your store triggers them. In particular, when your customers:
  • Added products to Favorites, but haven’t purchased them
  • Left a cart with products in it
  • Bought in your store more than once
  • Haven't bought for 6 months or another period
  1. Enable the feature in a single click by scrolling down to the bottom of the area to the Enable or Disable sending section and switching the toggle to Enabled:


You will see the confirmation Sending enabled in the upper section of the Automated Emails area:


Managing emails 

There are different types of automated marketing emails your Online Store can send. Use all of them or choose only those that support your business goals. 

Favorite products reminder 

This type of email is sent 3 days after a client added products to their Favorites, but haven’t bought them. To edit this email, click the Manage button:

Your emails are professionally designed and contain ready-to-use messages. To preview the email, click the Preview Email button.


You can also add a discount coupon and links to your social media in this section. 

Abandoned cart recovery email 

Abandoned carts reminder is sent 2 hours after a customer added products to a cart and specified their email address at checkout. Each email contains a list of products the customer left in the cart and a button to complete an order.

To edit this email, click on the Manage button: 

 You can improve the email engagement by adding a discount coupon to it. This will increase the chances that a customer comes back and buys from you. 


Order confirmation email

This email is sent right after an order is placed. It contains the description of the order and products that a customer may also like. A customer will see that there are products in your store complementing their order and will have a good reason to come back and buy.

You can manually assign three related products to each of your items in your Catalog to form logical product combos. 

If you don’t specify related products but still want to enable this automated email campaign, the Online Store will pick related products automatically.

You can also add a discount coupon to this type of email.

Feedback request email

This email is sent one day after the order status is changed to Delivered or four weeks after the order status is changed to Shipped. 

Tip: If your shipping generally takes more or less time, you can update your send time accordingly.

Feedback request emails show customers that their opinion matters and that you care if they are satisfied with their shopping experience. It will help to establish and develop long-lasting relations.

Customer loyalty appreciation 

Loyal customer appreciation email is sent to a customer the day after they have placed their second and all subsequent orders. These emails help to thank customers for their loyalty and establish a more personal connection. 

You can add a discount coupon and links to your social media to this email.

Inactive customer reminder

This email is sent if a customer does not show up for 6 months after their last purchase.

 The email contains last order details and your store featured products. In addition to the discount coupon and social media links, you can also add three relevant products that you think your customer may like in the Add store bestsellers tab: 


Purchase anniversary email 

This email is sent one year after the order was placed. It features your store bestsellers from the front page category. You can offer a discount coupon, suggest hand-picked bestsellers, and links to your social media in this email. 

Tip: This type of email is especially useful if your products are often bought as gifts, as it may remind your clients of their special occasion and bring them back in search of new presents.

How showcased products are picked 

The Online Store automatically picks your products to showcase in Inactive customer reminder and Purchase anniversary emails:

  • It will be six of the most expensive products from the Online Storefront page category
  • If you have less then six products in Online Storefront page category, the Online Store will show as many products as you have
  • If you don't have Online Storefront page category, it will show 6 the most expensive products from your entire store
  • If you sell just one item, the Online Store will show only this item in the email.

Changing email content

Email templates are professionally written and designed which makes them universal and ready to be sent as they are. But you can always change the wording and tone of the emails to match your Online Store look and feel.

Scroll down to the bottom of the area and locate the Email content section. Click the Edit Email Template button to edit the content of the email: 

Proceed with caution, as you can only edit the HTML code of the default email.

To make sure the email is ready to be sent to your customers, click Send test email link in the top section of the area: 

This feature is available on Professional and Unlimited plans.

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