Building website forms

To collect your user information more efficiently, you may wish to customize your form fields. 

You can customize your form fields in the Form settings menu. To access it, hover your mouse/cursor over a form to trigger a control menu and click on the "mailbox" Form settings icon:



Accessing form settings

To access form settings, hover your cursor over the field and click on the "gear" Block Settings icon.


Here you can specify whether you want to display a block title, a form, or a map (Block media). 

In the Appearance tab, you can choose the background shade for the form, whether you want the form to appear on the left or right of the map, and if you want the map to appear as black and white.

Once done customizing the form appearance, click Save.


Customizing form fields

1. Click on the Form settings "mailbox" icon.

2. Click on General:


3. Choose a field that you want to customize or edit and hover your cursor over the "gear" Settings icon.


2. In Edit items window you can customize the following settings:

- Type: Choose if you want a form field to display a single-line or multi-line text entry area.


- Label: Enter the words that you want to display next to the form field on your website. For example, Name.

- Placeholder: Enter the text that you want to appear inside the form field as a hint for your visitors.  For example, enter your name. Your placeholder will appear here:


- Make required: Put a checkbox if you want to make this field required. Visitors will not be able to submit a form without filling out this field.


Once you are done customizing your form field, click Submit to confirm changes.

Adding a new form field

To add a new field click on the round + button:


The New Item window will appear. Continue customizing as described in the previous step.

Click Submit once you are done. The new field will appear on the list of fields.

Changing the order of fields in the form

You can change the order of items in the form by grabbing a "stacked line" handle next to the form title on the list and drag it up or down depending on where you want the field to appear. 


Form fields will be adjusted automatically.

Setting up form recipients

To add email addresses that will receive form submissions, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Advanced tab in the Form settings window.
  2. Enter the email address that will collect form submissions in the field. When a confirmation drop-down menu appears, click on Create option... with the email address. The email will be added.


  1. To remove an email address from the form submissions recipients list, click on a cross icon next to that email address.
  2. Click Submit once you are done entering emails.

Setting up a success message

To customize the message your visitors receive after submitting their form, follow these steps:

  1. In Form settings, go to the Advanced tab.
  2. In the Success message field, enter the text, for instance, thanking visitors for their feedback or providing other instructions.


  1. Click Submit once you are finished and happy with the result.

Requesting data sharing consent

To comply with data privacy regulations (GDPR), you may want to enforce the visitors to agree to your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Here's how to proceed:

  1. In Form settings, go to the Advanced tab.
  2. Scroll down to the GDPR consent area. Add a checkbox if you want to enable the notification:


  1. Click Submit. Now your users will see a GDPR-compliant notice in your form. 


Note: Remember to publish your site to make the changes live.

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