Using a free Yola subdomain for your website

A free Yola subdomain is assigned to your website when you publish it for the first time. It will consist of your site name plus, like so:


You can keep this subdomain as your main website hostname or connect a custom domain to it - this is completely up to you! Nonetheless, a free Yola subdomain stays assigned to your website until you unpublish it - once you do so, your subdomain becomes available to be used by other people. 

Note: Your subdomain is automatically generated based on your website name. Before you publish your site for the first time, make sure that your website name is meaningful and doesn't have any typos. If you need to change it, follow this tutorial. 

Changing the subdomain

A free subdomain your website is published to can be changed as follows:

  1. In the Sitebuilder, go to Menu.


  2. Click Settings.


  3. Scroll down to the Danger Zone and click Unpublish Site.

  4. Type Unpublish to confirm and click Submit.


  5. Your site will be unpublished. Now you can give it a new name by scrolling up and typing it into the Site name field.  


  6. Publish your website for the changes to go live.

Once you unpublish your website, your previous subdomain will be unassigned from it and will be available for others to use. The new subdomain will be created on the basis of your new site name.

Tip: If your website is named “website”, for example, Sitebuilder will generate a subdomain such as “” or containing another number which depends on how many other websites there are with the same name in the system.

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