Renewing your domain

You can renew your domain and recover expired domains from within your  My Yola dashboard. To renew your domain:

  1. Go to your My Yola dashboard and click on the Domains tab in the top horizontal menu. Once you’re on the Domains tab, you can see the expiration date for each of your domains.
  2. To renew a domain click the Renew button next to the domain expiration date.


  3. You will then be taken to the checkout screen, where you can choose the length of the domain’s registration period (either one, two, or five years).

A variety of currencies are supported for domain renewal payments and the cost of your renewal will depend on the domain extension you have purchased.

Renewing expired domains

If your domain has already expired, you can attempt to recover it by following the steps below.

  1.  On your Domains tab, locate the domain that has expired.
  2. If the domain can be renewed, you will see a Try to renew link.


  3. Choose your renewal settings (duration and whether you want to renew Yola Mail as well), then click on the Buy Now button to complete the checkout process.

Note: Renewing your domain name does not renew your email or hosting. These subscriptions need to be renewed separately.

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