What is Sitebuilder+

Sitebuilder+ is Yola’s newest take on building an online presence, changing website construction from the ground up, giving you the ability to create a beautiful website from both desktop and mobile–fast.

This new platform does away with the traditional, drag-and-drop design of Sitebuilder Classic, allowing you to craft a website entirely through stackable pre-designed building blocks.  The benefits of this new design structure are two-fold:  

  • It makes it easier than ever to craft a stunning website without technical or design experience
  • It drastically decreases the time it takes to build a professional website, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – running your business.

In addition to an entire library of pre-designed building blocks per template, Sitebuilder+ comes fully equipped with a smart interface, allowing your content to inherit the stylistic properties of your selected template, helping to ensure your website always looks great.

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