What is Sitebuilder+

We are excited to introduce our newest product - Sitebuilder+, Yola’s take on building an online presence, giving you the ability to create a beautiful website from both desktop and mobile in no time! Read this article to get to know our Sitebuilder+ and start building your fabulous site.

Sitebuilder+ structure

Sitebuilder+ allows you to craft a website entirely through stackable pre-designed blocks. No custom coding is needed unless you wish to add it! The benefits of this new design structure are two-fold:  

  • It makes it easier than ever to craft a stunning website without technical or design experience
  • It drastically decreases the time it takes to build a professional website, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – running your business.

Blocks can be duplicated and moved throughout the page so you could customize your website in a couple of clicks:


In addition to an entire library of pre-designed building blocks, Sitebuilder+ comes fully equipped with a smart interface, allowing your content to inherit the stylistic properties of your selected template, helping to ensure your website always looks great.

Choosing a template

The first step in creating your beautiful-looking website is choosing its design from a large gallery of professionally designed templates we offer. All of our templates are modern, up-to-date and give your site a truly professional look. 

Our templates are filled with default content like images and text pieces. Of course, this content can be changed to your own, yet it may be handy to choose a template that caters to your business.

This is why our templates are sorted into categories so that you have an easier choice:


Simply choose a template that looks visually appealing and start filling it in with your own content, we have already taken care of the site structure!

Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization is vital nowadays since most internet users view sites through mobile devices rather than desktops. Therefore, we truly understand how it is important to be confident that your site is optimized for mobile devices and we pride ourselves on the fact that each website created in Sitebuilder+ comes with automatic mobile optimization. 

Without any second thought, your site will be automatically transformed to adjust to smaller devices:


You can also use our Sitebuilder+ on a mobile device - edit your site right from your phone or tablet to see the end result in the process of creation!

Website backups

Backing up your website means protecting, saving, and archiving your content at regular intervals. This ensures that your content is safe at all times. Our Sitebuilder+ provides a site backup feature so that you are never worried that your precious information will be lost. Read more about this feature here:

Multilingual website

In our Sitebuilder+, you can easily build a multilingual site. If your website offers products or services to an international audience, a multilingual site can help you reach your target audience and explore new international markets. There are many benefits to creating a multilingual site, including:

  • Increase your reach by speaking to a wider audience
  • Create unique content for language-specific segments of your audience

Read more about this feature in a dedicated article

Is it possible to add custom coding?

It surely is! Though please rest assured it is not necessary. We created our Sitebuilder+ with the idea that a beautiful, feature-rich site can be created without any need to use a custom code. Adding a schedule, Online Store, website animations, a video - all can be done by simply clicking a couple of buttons. 

Yet, if you still want to add a custom code to your site to make it truly yours, you can benefit from our Embed HTML block and site settings section.

Please note: while we try to make our Sitebuilder+ compatible with as many external codes as possible, we are unable to guarantee that every single one will work and we cannot predict how it will behave on different site versions. Testing is the best option here!

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