Site content scan

These are the best practices to ensure that your content is well-ranked in search results.

Page titles: Page titles are important as they help search engines understand what a page is primarily about. Selecting short but relevant page titles can help improve the search rank of your page.

  • Traffic Builder highlights the pages that do not have titles.
  • It will check whether the existing titles are under 66 characters.

Meta descriptions: A meta description is a short summary of the content of a webpage. It should accurately describe the content of a website and will be shown as part of the search results for some search engines.

  • Traffic Builder scans the site to determine whether the description is compliant and fewer than 155 characters. 

Page Name Special Character: This checks whether your page names include any special (difficult to read) special characters (such as %, !, @).

Page Headings: Scans your page headings to ensure they're SEO-compliant.

Content length: Search engines look at the amount of content on a page to determine if there is enough information to be considered useful to a visitor. In general, 300 characters or more is considered sufficient.

  • Traffic Builder will check whether the minimum amount of content on a page is 300 characters.

 Missing images:  Search engines notice broken image links and penalize sites that contain them. Make sure all the images you reference exist. Edit the images in Sitebuilder to fix the error, or, if the image no longer exists, remove it from your site.

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