Adding website analytics

As a website owner or manager, it's natural for you to wonder how many people have been onto your site. The first option you have is a hit counter. Its functionality is limited and isn't as accurate as analytics for your site.

Accessing analytics

Yola offers an Analytics feature that allows you to view the amount of traffic your site is getting. In order to see this feature, log into your Yola account. Once you're logged in, do the following: 

  1. Click Site traffic on the top menu and choose Analytics.
  2. You will see a list of sites that you can choose from to view the statistics. 
  3. Click on the desired site. 
  4. You will see the analytic output for that site.

You can also access Analytics from the Sitebuilder's Main menu:


When you click on the Analytics link, you will be taken to the area where you can view:

  • Visitors
  • New Visitors (%)
  • Visits
  • Pageviews
  • Landing Pages
  • Origin
  • Engagement

Note: Site statistics are delayed by 2 hours. 

Adding Google Analytics

If you prefer to use Google Analytics, you still can. If you have an AdWords account, you can use Google Analytics directly from the AdWords interface. Google Analytics also calculates ROI metrics from automatically imported cost and keyword tracking data, saving you time.

To add Google Analytics, follow these steps:

1. Sign up at Google Analytics and click the Sign-Up button. 

2. On the "Create New Account" page, fill in the details required. The "Account Name" is the name that will appear in your Google Analytics reports. Once you're finished, select your country location from the drop down list, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click Create Account.

3. You will be taken directly to the admin section of the Google Analytics control panel so that you can copy the code provided and add it to your website. Copy the "Tracking ID" tracking code provided. You can do this by highlighting the whole code and right-clicking and selecting "Copy".


4. Go back to the Sitebuilder+ and head on to Website > Settings menu in the top left corner.

5. In the Website settings window, locate the Header Code window.


6. Paste your Google Analytics tracking code into the Header code field provided. 

Note: You may need to upgrade your Yola subscription to be able to add custom HTML and JavaScript code. 

Another note: Once you have added the code you should not see anything in your header. It is an invisible tracking code, that sends the information to your Google Analytics account.

7. Republish your site by clicking the Publish button.

Your site will then be verified and you can log in to your Google Analytics account to find out all the information you want to know about the people who have visited your site. Please be aware that it takes 24 hours for Google Analytics to collect the first batch of data about your site.

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