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Yola Free plan

Getting started with Sitebuilder+ Free plan, you get:

  • Websites: Create up to 2 websites under a single account
  • Pages: Up to 2 pages for each site
  • Yola subdomain: Publish your website to a free subdomain (name generated automatically)
  • Multilingual functionality: Translate your site into one more language
  • Site backup: Have access to 1 manual and 1 automatic site backup.
  • Storage: 1 GB of storage space
  • File size: Upload files up to 5 MB

The following features are not available in the Free plan:

  • Use of custom domain
  • Site statistics
  • Yola ads removal
  • Custom code editing
  • Use of the Embed HTML block
  • Traffic Builder SEO monitoring

Is your Yola Free plan really free?

Yes, our Yola Free package is really and truly free. You are under no obligation to upgrade at any time. The free period does not expire after a certain amount of days. The new innovative Sitebuilder and subdomain hosting services are also free. 

As your business grows, you can take your Yola site to the next level with our advanced add-on features and premium hosting packages, like custom domains and custom code. And although we do charge for these features, we make these fees as low as possible.

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