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How to report abuse

We treat all abuse reports concerning websites hosted by Yola seriously and are dedicated to investigating all violations submitted to us.

To avoid erroneous or intentionally false reports and determine whether someone's rights or Yola's Terms of Service have been violated, we provide the following as a guide to submit a complaint.

If applicable, we will forward a copy of the complaint to the website account holder. If you require your complaint to remain anonymous, please inform us of this. It is within Yola's sole discretion whether to enforce our terms of service in response to any particular complaint. If we do not act, it is not considered a waiver of any right to do so in the future. Please note that the information provided here does not represent legal advice and is for informational purposes only. You may need to obtain professional legal advice for certain types of complaints.

To report abuse, select the appropriate complaint and carefully follow all the instructions.

Obscenity, violence, and other adult content

If you believe a site contains content that is obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, violent, or contains other adult content not appropriate for viewing by children, then submit the following information to We will remove any website hosted by Yola that contains child pornography that you report. In addition, we will report such sites to the proper authorities as required by United States law. In most cases, we will also remove other types of adult content that are brought to our attention. However, all decisions regarding what constitutes adult content and/or obscenity are made solely by Yola.

Phishing and identity theft

If you believe a site is being used for phishing or to acquire private information fraudulently, submit the following information to

We will remove a website hosted by Yola if you can demonstrate that the site is used for phishing or other fraudulent activity meant to acquire sensitive information, facilitate identity theft, and/or commit similar fraudulent acts.

Illegal activity

If you believe a site violates any applicable local, state, or federal law, please submit the following to

In most cases, we will remove a website hosted by Yola if you can provide sufficient evidence (such as a court order) that the site is conducting illegal activity. We cannot remove a site based on mere allegations. This is because Yola only provides a platform for third parties to host websites and is not in a position to determine the validity of claims of illegal conduct.

Other Terms of Use violations

If you believe a site violates any of our Terms of Service – not explicitly addressed in another section of these Report Abuse pages – please submit the following to

What you need to do

We may remove a website hosted by Yola at our discretion if you provide a detailed description and evidence that the site violates the Yola Terms of Service. We will review all complaints, but please note that we are not obligated to remove a site that violates our Terms of Service, nor do these rules create any third-party rights or private right of action.

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