Other Traffic builder scans

  • H1 tags: An H1 tag is an HTML tag used to symbolize the heading of a page or a section in a page. As search engines crawl websites, they rate the importance of content based on the HTML tags they are under. This is important for SEO as search engines pay special attention to these tags because they denote the importance of that text in a web page. Sites that have been scanned for H1 tags and pages without tags are highlighted.
  • Broken links: Search engines notice broken links and penalize sites that contain them, reducing the chances of getting the desired SEO results. Traffic Builder displays the number and names of broken links.

  • Load time: Search engines can penalize a website that takes too long to load. Things like large images or scripts might affect a website's overall load time. Traffic Builder scans for images larger than 1MB and highlights them. The total size of all images combined on each page will be displayed. The site is scanned for any flash that could potentially affect load time. 
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