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Yola Bronze plan

Yola Bronze is Yola’s basic hosting package, which includes one free custom domain (for the first year only) and allows you to publish your websites to custom domains. 

If you don’t own a custom domain yet, you can purchase domains directly through Yola at reasonable prices. Yola Bronze entitles you to host all your domains, and there is no limit to the number of domain names that you can purchase.

Yola Bronze is a robust package that includes everything from Yola Free plus the following:

  • Websites: 5
  • Pages: Create up to 1000 pages per site
  • Use a custom domain: Get a custom .com domain with your first yearly payment
  • Free private registration: Receive free WHOIS private registration*
  • Site analytics: Built-in site visitors analytics feature
  • Customer care: Get 24/7 customer support from the Yola expert Support Agents.

*Note: Private domain registration is only free when paid annually.

The following features are not available for Yola Bronze:

  • Yola ads removal from your site
  • Use of premium block layouts
  • Custom code editing
  • Use of HTML block
  • Use of the Traffic Builder feature

How much does it cost?

To compare Yola plans, visit the Pricing page.


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