Managing payment methods

Use the Payment Methods page in the My Yola dashboard to quickly manage your card payments for new and existing premium subscriptions within your Yola account. You can update existing card details, add a new card or remove a card no longer connected with your Yola Plan. 

Adding a new payment method

1. Log in to your My Yola dashboard.  
2. Hover over your email address.
3. Select Payment Methods from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Add new payment method in the top right corner.Screen_Shot_2020-02-07_at_14.17.46.png
5. Fill in the required fields. Click the red button Add New Payment Method.

Your new payment method will be added. 

You can also add a new payment method during the checkout process when you are purchasing a new Yola product.

Deleting a payment method

You can delete a stored payment method at any time. To do so:

1. Log into your My Yola account.
2. Hover over your email address.
3. Select Payment Methods from the drop-down list.

4. In the list of all available payment methods, click Delete in the top right-hand corner of the payment method you'd like to remove.

5. You'll get a notice that this is a permanent action. If you'd like to continue, click Delete, if not, click Cancel.

Please note: If you delete a payment method that is associated with any auto-renewal products, you will be prompted to either create a new one or, if you have set up additional payment methods, replace it with an existing one.  

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