Yola Silver plan

Yola Silver is a hosting package that allows you to take advantage of custom design features so you can create a truly professional, stand-out website.

We strive to provide the best value for money, and Yola Silver delivers the following features:

  • Websites: Build up to 25 websites
  • Pages: Create up to 1000 pages
  • File size: Upload files up to 100 MB each
  • Multilingual functionality: add an unlimited number of languages to your website so that visitors can browse in their language
  • Custom domain: Get a free .com domain with your first yearly payment
  • Free private registration: Get a free year of private WHOIS registration with your first yearly payment
  • Site statistics: monitor your website's performance with reports on the number of visitors
  • Site backups: create an unlimited number of site backups
  • Premium support: Get help from the Yola expert support team
  • No Yola branding: Remove Yola branding from the footer
  • Custom code editing: Add custom HTML and Javascript codes to your site

Is a domain name included in the Yola Silver bundle?

When you purchase a yearly package upfront, we gift you a free year of any .com domain ownership along with one year of private registration.

Please note:

  • If you want a domain that is not .com, you will pay the price difference. For example, if you wish to have a .org domain, the cost of it is $21.95. A .com domain costs $19.95. As a result, you will pay the difference of $2.00.
  • This offer is only available if you make a purchase through our Yola Pricing page or when you first publish your site (you can select your hosting package and your domain there).

Please note that your domain subscription is separate from your Yola Silver subscription and is renewed separately.

What is the price for Yola Silver?

You can purchase a Yola Silver subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. The prices are as follows:

  • Billed monthly: $18.95
    Note: a free domain and a free private WHOIS registration is not included in a monthly package.
  • Billed yearly: $167.45

Take a look at our Pricing page for more information. 

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