Adding a new social media account

You can add a new social media account in just a few clicks. Here's how to link your social media presence to your site.

Before you begin:

Copy URLs of all social media pages you want to add and keep them handy.


Step 1 - Enable social media icons in the header

1. Navigate to the Header block of your page. In the menu that activates, click the Block settings icon:



In Block settings, make sure that the checkbox next to Business social profiles has been checked.



Click Save.


Step 2 - Add social media page URLs

  1. Hover over the social media icons and click the “chain” Edit link icon. For this example, hover over the Facebook icon:



  1. In the Link settings menu, choose the option Open a web address and enter the URL of your Facebook page:


Click Submit.

3. Repeat these steps for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter icons that are already added to the header.


Step 3 - Add more social media profiles (optional)

If you want to add more social media profiles, follow these steps:

  1. Duplicate any of the existing icons. For this example, let’s duplicate the Facebook icon. Hover over the icon you want to duplicate and click the Duplicate icon in the menu that activates:



2. Hover over the new icon that appears in the header and click Replace icon:


  1. In the Icon library, type the name of the social media network in the search field. Pick the icon you want to display and click Save. The icon will be displayed automatically.


  1. Add the URL of the social media page where the visitor will appear when clicking this icon following the steps in Step 2.

  2. Repeat this step to add as many social media accounts as you like.


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