Creating your homepage

When you create your Yola account you are taken through the steps of creating your first website. We know you are going to want to create lots of great sites, but let's take it easy for now and just get started on one!

Creating a Yola website is done in two easy steps, and a homepage template is created for you as a general guideline to help you get started. We include popular blocks that will help you create an exciting, professionally designed site as well as placeholder content that you might find useful. 

Why homepage is important

The homepage is the first page you should create for your website and is also the page your site will open up to. 

Keep in mind that your homepage should catch the attention of your visitors, and give them a good idea about the rest of the content on your site, and also a clear way to navigate to this content. The idea is to get your visitors to dig deeper into your site by navigating through the different pages you will be adding.


Finding a homepage in the menu

You can identify your homepage in the list of pages by seeing a "house" icon next to the page name:



Adding a new page

You can start adding pages by clicking the main menu:



From here, click Pages.


Here's how you can create a new page. Start adding website content to your new page!

Editing blocks

We have pre-populated your website with a layout and some blocks based on the template you've selected. Keep in mind these are suggestions to help you get started and can all be easily changed.

You can begin populating your website by clicking into the blocks already on your page to add text or other content. 

Drag and drop blocks to easily achieve the best look and feel. You can use the same layout (block order) for your whole site by duplicating a page or create a different layout on each page.

You can also change the background color and background picture on all blocks. For more information, view this tutorial collection: Site structure and design.

Adding text

To add text to the page, simply click on any pre-populated text block and start typing. Just type in a few short paragraphs or, if you like, copy and paste some text you would like to add to your page.

You can also copy and paste text directly from any text editor such as Microsoft Word or Pages. 

When you are editing your text, you will notice that a text formatting control bar opens up at the top of your page. It looks very similar to the toolbar on other word processing software you might have used.


Let's use this toolbar to change the text formatting. Try doing any or all of the following:

  • Make some text bold, underline or italicize it
  • Type in a heading at the top of your text and change the font format to Heading 2.
  • Made a mistake? Just use the Undo button at the top right corner of the Sitebuilder.
  • Deleted something by accident? Use the right arrow icon to redo.
  • Go to main menu > Design to change website fonts and color palettes.

Here are a few more things you might want to try:

Well done! Remember these options when you add more content.

Remember to save your page frequently to avoid losing your hard work. Yola will prompt you to save if you navigate to a different page. However, you should save after every significant change.

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